Our Story

For 30 years, Ambrosia Paris has never stopped creating colorful and exuberant collections, just like the nature that inspires their designer.

For several years, an original collection of watches developing the same themes as jewelry, has completed the range. All jewelry is silver, set with different materials such as amethyst, zirconium oxides, onyx, jade or enamel.

Created in 1991, Ambrosia is a brand located in the heart of Paris. Named after the nectar of ancient Greek gods believed to grant immortality, we offer designs that are equally luxurious, exuberant and timeless.

Our designer, trained at the prestigious Arts Décoratifs and École Duperré, began by imagining silver jewelery made with subtlety, with precious materials such as mother-of-pearl, enamels, cubic zirconium and natural stones. Later, eager to further explore her creativity, she chose to develop multiple collections of fancy watches, inspired by the beauty of nature and Paris.

Ambrosia Paris in video

Our vision of the future

We now offer a wide range of products, from playful and colorful models to more delicate and complex pieces, all chic and definitely French. Our goal is to elevate femininity and celebrate women through our unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else.